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We have been offering high speed wireless broadband to the area west of Portland, Oregon since 2001. This area includes Beaverton, Hillsboro, Aloha, The West Hills, Helvetia, North Plains, Forest Grove, Cornelius, Gaston, Gales Creek, Yamhill, Chehalem Mountain , Buxton, St Paul, Cherri Grove and many other westside locations. Our primary tower is four miles North of the Hillsboro Airport . In addition to our Hillsboro tower, we also have a series of towers and relay locations around the area. Click here to see a map of our general coverage area. Because we are constantly adding new relay locations, we are finding it hard to keep our maps updated with our new locations - so please contact us to check your specific address.

Wireless Internet access is many times faster than dial-up. We use 802.11 technology, also called "Wi-Fi", the most popular standard for wireless networks worldwide. We offer several different types including 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.7 GHz. The 2.4 GHz gear is cheaper and more widely available, while the 5.7 GHz gear is less sensitive to interference and better in certain circumstances. Our staff would be happy to advise you on which type of wireless would work best for you. We recommend that businesses use 5.7 gear whenever possible.

It is easy to get connected!

1. First, we check your address in a topographical program to see if there is a line of sight between your property and one of our wireless towers. If so, then send you more information and book an appointment.

2. We then send our dedicated installation and maintenance team to your house. The team checks that your signal meets our performance guidelines and quotes you a price for the install.

3. The team mounts the wireless antenna on the outside of your house, configures your computer or network and ensures that your connection is working before leaving.

The installation team then hands you over to our support team. We are a family-owned company based in Hillsboro and have been in the internet business since 1997. Our technical support is provided in-house, so when our customers call for a help someone right here in Oregon answers their questions. We provide our customers the security of knowing that they have chosen a reputable and long-established company, with highly secure and stable systems that have been tried and tested over time.

Unlike others offering wireless in the area, we are a full service ISP, so our wireless customers do not require any other internet service provider. The broadband wireless internet access comes with a back-up dial-up account, email accounts and personal web space. The price varies depending upon the speed of the service and the features included; choose from the packages listed below:


We utilize all-in-one antenna/routers manufactured by either
Motorola,Tranzeo or Ubiquiti. These are professional, respected wireless antenna units. Using this unit and a switch, you can connect one computer or several within one household and all be on the internet at the same time. If you would like to use wireless within your house any standard home wireless router will work.

Wireless Internet Access Packages & Equipment

Residential Plans

Monthly Transfer



All residential packages come with email addresses & a backup dialup account. Click here for a comparison of the plans.

Kilobit Basic with speeds up to 768/128 kbps (down/up)

20 GB


$249.50 (=$20.79/mo)

Kilobit Intermediate with speeds up to 768/256 kbps (down/up)

25 GB


$399.50 (=$33.30/mo)

Kilobit Advanced with speeds up to 1Mb/768kb ps (down/up)

30 GB


$499.50 (=$41.62/mo)

Megabit Basic with speeds up to 1.5Mb/1Mb ps (down/up) 35 GB
$649.50 (=$54.12/mo)

Megabit Intermediate with speeds up to 2Mb/1.5Mb ps (down/up)

40 GB


$749.50 (=$62.46/mo)

Megabit Advanced with speeds up to 3Mb/1.5Mb ps (down/up)

50 GB
$849.50 (=$70.79/mo)

Extreme Megabit Basic with speeds up to 5Mb/1.5Mb ps (down/up)

100 GB


$1049.50 (=$87.45/mo)

Extreme Megabit Advanced with speeds up to 10Mb/3Mb ps (down/up)
~not available in all areas; may require Motorola or other specialized gear

150 GB


$1549.50 (=$129.12/mo)


Business Plans

Monthly Transfer



All business packages come with email addresses, backup nationwide dialup account, public IP address(es) and priority next-day on site service. Click here for a comparison of the plans.

Business Basic with speeds up to 1.5/1.5 Mbps (down/up)

80 GB


$999.50 (=$83.29/mo)

Business Intermediate with speeds up to 3.0/1.5 Mbps (down/up) 100 GB
$1999.50 (=$166.62/mo)

Business Advanced with speeds up to 5.0/1.5 Mbps (down/up)

200 GB


$2999.50 (=$249.96/mo)

Business Extreme, with speeds up to 10.0/3 Mbps (down/up)
~not available in all areas; may require Motorola or other specialized gear

300 GB


$4499.50 (=$374.96/mo)


Install and Equipment

One Time

All wireless packages require installation and us of one of our wireless antennas.

Installation Charge and Antenna


For as low as $20.79 per month you can have:

  • An always-on connection to the internet (no phone line or dialing required)
  • High speed. Between 15 to 200 times faster than dial-up, depending on plan
  • E-mail accounts (choose from,,, with web-based email access for use when traveling or away from your main computer
  • E-mail spam and virus filtering
  • Dialup account for backup or use while traveling
  • Router/Firewall (built into antenna) so all computers within the household can be on the internet at the same time
  • space for your own personal web site
  • access to our professional & helpful technical support staff based right here in Oregon
  • No contract or minimum length of service - our customers aren't forced to stay with us, they choose to do so!
  • We purchase the wireless antenna from the vendor and sell it to our customers at our cost, including installation, so you own the equipment and can either sell it or take it with you if you move

Cisco Quality of Service traffic shaping is applied to our networks to ensure that your connection is consistent. Please note that peer to peer file sharing (e.g., Limewire, Bit Torrent, Kaaza) is blocked on our wireless network. This ensures that everyone has a stable, reliable and fast connection. For more information, please read our Service Agreement. The hosting of servers is only allowed under the Business plan with approval of our staff. If you have any questions about which package would work best for you, please contact us. Packages can be changed at any time; there is no fee for changing. All wireless plans work with all antennas. The speed achieved can vary based upon signal strength and distance from the wireless tower, so higher speeds may not be available in cases were the signal is marginal.

Call or email us with your address, and we will plot it in to a topographical program and check to see if there is a tower in your area.
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