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Custom E-mail
If you would like to have your own custom E-mail address (such as, then we can register your own name for you and set up your E-mails for that domain.

It is particularly important for businesses to get their names registered and reserved, even if you do not plan on having a website in the immediate future. It looks more professional and internet-savvy if you own your own name, you can configure them exactly as you want (no more numbers at the end of your name!) and you can take your name with you wherever you go, which means that you never have to re-print your business cards.

Custom Email Products

Configuration of up to 5 email accounts on your domain name. Includes a holding page. All email sent to will be delivered to one mail box or forwarded to one external email address.

$50.00 (=$4.16/mo) for residential accounts
$100.00 (=$8.32/mo) for business accounts

Additional emails on your domain name:
Configuration of up to 5 extra email accounts

additional $25.00 (=$2.08/mo)
Registration of your own domain name $17.50 (=$1.46/mo)
Web Hosting:
Click here to view hosting plans
starts at $5/month or $50/year
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