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DSL Access
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Northwest lifestyles are busy enough as it is, without spending ridiculous amounts of time on the Internet to accomplish a simple task. DSL gives you back that time; high-speed, always on access allows you to expedite your on-line time, so you have time to experience the things that make the Northwest such a great place to live. And if you still want to spend 3 hours on-line every night, with DSL speeds at least, you'll see a lot more sites. Whiz to Coho offers DSL in both Qwest and Verizon phone territories. To see if your phone line qualifies click availability.

Once you discover that you qualify for DSL, the second step is getting the ISP service on the line. You can get the ISP service through either Qwest (MSN) or Verizon (Verizon On-line), or, alternatively, a local ISP such as Whiz to Coho can provide the ISP service. So why go with us? Some key differences between us and the "big boys" are:

*we are local, and small enough to give you personal service, and
*we will always help you without forcing you to go through numerous operators and/or menus, and
*we offer static, not dynamic, IP addresses (it costs $30 extra/month to get a static IP with Verizon or Qwest), and
*we do not overload our lines, and
*we're flexible in billing methods (no penalties for paying by check!), and
*we will guide you through the installation process, and
*we support domain names and give you a wide choice of email addresses to choose from, or, of course you can keep your existing or email address.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to arrange for someone to call you and run through some of this. It sounds worse that it really is! In our experience it's generally only the initial order and installation that is complicated - once it's going it tends to be relatively maintenance free.

Click here for more detailed information on our various DSL packages and what they include.
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