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Dial-up Access
56k Modem

Despite the introduction of DSL and Wireless Internet access, the most popular way to get online is still over a modem. Whether you have a 14.4 or a 56k modem Whiz to Coho has the ability to bring you online. We strive to provide quality internet access at reasonable prices.

Whiz to Coho offers technical support and customer care from 9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Monday through Friday PST, over the phone. Visit our support pages for after hours support or leave a message on our voice mail to arrange an appointment for a call-back outside of "official office" hours.

Whiz to Coho offers a wide variety of dial-up accounts starting at just $12.95/mo (for those with a computer provided by Free Geek). Our Teacher's/Non-profit account is available for employees in the not-for-profit or public educational sector; simply send us a copy of your employee id.

Accounts can be established with Portland area-only access (these are our standard accounts) or nationwide access for those who travel and need telephone numbers in different cities/states. Our accounts are limited to 200 hours a month or
apx 6 hours a day.

Our standard dialup telephone numbers for the Portland metropolitan area are 503-974-0040.

Check Nationwide Numbers : Enter state:

All personal dial-up accounts come with up to 5 e-mail boxes and 5Mb of web storage for your own personal homepage. Additional e-mail boxes and web storage are available at a low price.

Our Business dialup accounts provide the same easy dialup access, but also include your own domain name for that professional touch. We will register your preferred domain name and configure up to 5 email addresses for you. 10 MB of space on our servers is included for your web site. If you have any questions, we can advise you on how to establish a web presence.

Please note that due to lack of demand, none of our dial up accounts include newsgroups access.Ask about free and fee-based newsgroups.

Prices listed are inclusive and there are no hidden costs for "extras" such as connection, technical support, or setting up the account.
Dial-up Service
Free Geek Dial-up Service 56k $12.95 $129.50 (=$10.79/mo)
Teacher/Non-profit Dial-up Service 56k $15.95 $159.50 (=$13.29/mo)
Dial-up Service 56k Standard $17.95 $179.50 (=$14.95/mo)
Nationwide Dial-up Service 56k $19.95 $199.50 (=$16.62/mo)
Dial-up Service Business $27.95 $279.50 (=$23.40/mo)
Dedicated Dial-up 56k Call Call

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