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Server Co-Location
You may be in the process of designing a site and need a place to put it, or you already have a web site and you host it on your own server. Whiz to Coho offers co-locations that allow you to set up your server on our premises. This means you have a direct connection to the Internet backbone and enough bandwidth to support even the heaviest traffic, as well backup lines, generators, and UPS's.

Tower\Desktop starts at just $120 a month. This includes the following:

  • Space for one mid-tower or 3U rack mount or desktop-style server.
  • Bandwidth is capped at 1 meg and 40 gig transfer per month is included. Each additional 10 gig is billed at $ 20.00 each month.
  • Monitoring. Your basic services are monitored by "Big Brother" at no additional cost.
  • IP Addresses. A /32 is included. Additional IP addresses are available at an additional cost.

Rack mount Server starts at just $35 a month plus bandwidth. This includes the following:

  • Space is sold by the singe U rack mount. Each U is the standard 1.75 inches and is $ 35 each. Pricing for whole or half racks are also available upon request.
  • Bandwidth is sold in 1 meg increments. $ 85 per committed meg and $ 140 per meg for overage. Each meg includes 324 gig transfer each month. Usage is calculated on the max in or out on a calendar month. Burstable or capped bandwidth is available
  • Monitoring. Your basic services are monitored by "Big Brother" at no additional cost.
  • IP Addresses. A /32 is included. Additional IP addresses are available at an additional cost.
Unique Facility. We have staff on the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If we are paged after-hours we will promptly return your call and will already be on-site ready to help get your servers back on track - no waiting for the on-call staff to have to drive into the office to help you. We can do this as the upper two levels of the co-location facility are a residence and backup staff live only 300 yards away. We know the importance of keeping your servers on-line as we ourselves were once co-locators and have designed out the faults we have experienced in the past. Our facility is only 3 miles North of the Helvetia/ Shute Exit off Hwy 26 making access easy.
All plans include:
  • Power redundancy. Should a power outage occur, a UPS is provided which is hooked into our propane generator, which automatically takes over until power is restored. Our generator has 1000 gallons of backup fuel to power the network for extended periods of time. For additional redundancy a secondary diesel generator is in place.
  • Security. A broadband connected CCTV monitoring and recording system captures all motion events in the co-location room and our entire facility.
  • Monitoring. Servers and Routers are monitored by "Big Brother" which tells us when there is a problem or potential problem with server or services. Specific events trigger paging to Whiz to Coho staff, who are available 24/7/365 for emergency support. We can monitor specific ports on your servers if needed.
  • Bandwidth and redundancy. We have upstream bandwidth provided by two different providers, including two 200 meg licensed wireless links to fiber optic networks, allowing for virtually unlimited burstable bandwidth over the redundant network. We use multi-homed architecture, utilizing BGP to determine fastest Internet routes. If a given provider becomes unavailable, one of the others takes the traffic until capacity is restored. This redundancy ensures a very high network availability.
  • IP Addresses. We own our own IP addresses. No need to worry about future expansion.
  • Air Conditioning. We have a dedicated high output air conditioning unit for the server room

    Whiz to Coho offers dedicated servers that are designed to handle heavy traffic. That means you put your site on our high capacity server. Prices for dedicated servers are available upon request. Please call (503) 647-5957 or e-mail

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